Exclusive Demy NFT Airdrop Opportunity for Demy Token Pre Sale Participants

To reward Demy Games’ early investors, we are proud to announce the Demy NFT airdrop to all our users who participated in our pre-sale.

What are the NFT Cards?

Demy NFT Cards are joker cards that can be used in any Demy game event and provide their owners with an advantage based on their features. All current and future Demy games will accept these NFT cards.

This joker is not only a playing card, but also a tradable NFT written in ERC721 Standard on the Binance Smart Chain.

Conditions of Participation;

The Demy NFT card will be awarded from the airdrop event only to participants who successfully make a purchase by participating in the Demy Token pre-sale and “hold” the Demy Token for 21 days from the date of purchase. You can continue to benefit from all Demy events for the 21-day period.

The NFT cards that will be airdropped will be completely randomly distributed, and you will have any of the following cards.

You can use the link below to examine Demy NFT cards in detail. Good luck!


Official Links;



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